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Red Gold Tomatoes

Creative Direction & Design

Red Gold Tomatoes

Tomatoes so good, they’ll make you loose your cool.

Red Gold Tomatoes was looking to spice up their product line and attract millennials. So they partnered with Huy Fong to create Sriracha Tomatoes — a new line of spicy ketchup, tomatoes, and salsa. It was a departure from their previous products, and they wanted to generate some new fans. This meant they had to spice up their creative and then broadcast it into channels they hadn’t used much before.

We developed a social campaign inspired by those moments when you taste something so good that is makes you loose your cool and exclaim, “#%*! that’s good!”. Character memes, motion ads, tasty-style recipe videos and influencer partnerships brought this campaign to life and brought the heat.

This concept–it scares us–and we like that.
— Red Gold Family